About Lee Ledbetter & Associates

Lee Ledbetter & Associates, founded in New Orleans in 1996, is a purposely-focused design firm that undertakes a diverse array of project types including architecture, interiors and planning. The modest size allows the principal of the firm, Lee Ledbetter, to have a hands-on approach for all projects. Mr. Ledbetter is fully engaged in each project through every phase.

Lee Ledbetter & Associates’ designs are realized from an understanding of client needs, context (both immediate and regional) and typological precedent. Lee Ledbetter strongly considers architecture, along with painting and sculpture, to be one of the ‘Fine Arts” in the tradition of art history surveys. However, he also appreciates that architecture is a service industry. Whereas paintings and sculptures are viewed, buildings are inhabited and are inseparable from the needs of a client. Architecture is a collaborative endeavor, and Lee and his team enjoy working with clients and consultants to help realize a collective vision.

The firm is fully aware that inherent to strong building design are sound construction, quality control and environmental stewardship. The firm has a demonstrated history of successful projects and a commitment to sustainable ideals in new buildings and renovations of existing buildings. Nearly one third of LLA employees are LEED®-accredited professionals, and Lee Ledbetter & Associates is a member firm of the US Green Building Council.

Lee Ledbetter & Associates has received wide recognition for its expertise in the integration of architecture and interiors. Rather than treating the furnishings as an afterthought, the firm considers placement and scale of furniture, artwork and lighting from the beginning, ensuring a cohesive end result.

Complementing state of the art, in-house digital capabilities, the firm continues to rely upon free-hand drawing and model building so that creativity is nurtured as ideas flow freely from the hand. This ensures that team members maintain an immediate and visceral connection to the design and details, a methodology that has contributed greatly to project success and ultimately, to client satisfaction.

The firm has undertaken residences in seven states and the Bahamas. Non-residential work includes art galleries, a community center, condominiums and libraries as well as retail, academic (high schools and universities), religious, museum and hospitality projects.